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Chat with the A.I. Assistant

Chat with powerful A.I. models created by OpenAI, such as ChatGPT.

A small list of example uses include:
  • Writing Assistant, Editing Documents, Composing Emails
  • General Knowledge & Education
  • Software Development
  • Data formatting and cleaning
  • Language Translation
  • Entertainment



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Your subscription plan with can be a Personal plan or a Team plan.

You can upgrade a Personal Plan to a Team Plan. Your plan is tied to your email address. If you would like both Personal and Team accounts, you could create a Team account with your business email and a separate Personal account with your personal email address.

Limitless Applications & New Features

The current generation of A.I. models is very powerful, and applications seem limitless. We're only at the beginning of learning how best to apply them. New advances are coming every day.

One of our most important new features in development we call the "Personal Knowledge Graph" or PKG. The PKG allows the A.I. to know information about you when it is deliberating its response, allowing the response to be much more personalized. You control exactly what is in the PKG and can edit it at any time.

Here's a quick list of some upcoming features in development:
  • Personal Knowledge Graph (PKG): Give the A.I. a Long Term Memory
  • Document Upload: Using Knowledge from Documents
  • Web Search Results: Include Up-To-Date Knowledge in the Response
  • Voice Interface: Speak to and Listen to the A.I.
  • Integration with Google Calendar, Google Mail, and other providers
  • Image Generation: Generating images based on your descriptions. A.I. Assistant App

Access from Anywhere

Access via your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.

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Get suggestions and learn about new features. See examples of how to interact with the A.I. and try them out!

Manage Plugins & Integrations

Connect to services from providers, such as Google, to add additional capabilities to your A.I.

Formatted Responses

Click "Copy" to copy formatted responses into applications.

Software Development

Ask to write snippets of code in all major software programming languages & help you diagnose bugs!

Data Extraction

Extract data from unstructured text and put it into a clean structured form. Then, copy into Excel or other application!

Demo of using Voice to Chat

This video has a quick demo of using with a voice interface to speak with the A.I. Assistant. This is a new feature in development for The blog article titled "Speak with Chat GPT just like Amazon Alexa or Google Home", linked below, goes into some of the technical details of how it works.

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